Visitors have an opportunity to utilize as a "hub" to access valuable information about how to participate in recreational gambling in a responsible fashion. Doing so results in more enjoyment from recreational gambling and avoids the issues that occur when one gambles in an inappropriate manner. The information, tools and advice available has been prepared by experienced experts in the field.

Please take maximum advantage.

It has been estimated that the lives of more than a billion people worldwide (one of every seven) are somehow adversely affected by inappropriate gambling. Our overarching purpose is to improve the lives of as many people as possible.
In order to do this, we have adopted a prevention approach. We refer to several related websites below that offer products and services that deal with the various components of "responsible gaming". offers a patented technical and administrative system that serves to protect gamblers during play by establishing and managing limits, tracking play results in real time, providing warnings and advice before, during, and after live gambling sessions, among many other features. provides insight into what "gambling responsibly" really means and provides resources and references. offers a means of directly accessing professional assistance for those who currently have or suspect they have a problem, along with other valuable information. offers a comprehensive consumer protection package in a portable, smart phone application which does not need to connect to a gaming venue's network. The application is for a single user and is completely voluntary in nature.
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Our logo is a scale which represents balance. Striving to achieve a healthy balance of activities in our lives is a key objective and theme of our products and services. We are neither pro nor con with respect to gambling. Our goal is to assist others to self-regulate time and money spent gambling to a reasonable level that does not infringe upon more important activities and responsibilities. Please share your thoughts about our mission and this site.